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Your Priorities

Improving democracy today

Why Your Priorities?

We believe that improved democracy is the path to a more equal world. The Internet offers an unique opportunity to reinvent democracy. Your Priorities is a powerful eDemocracy web application designed by the non profit Citizens Foundation to help groups of people speak with one voice.

We won the European e-Democracy Awards 2011 and have won numerous Icelandic awards for innovation and participation.

eDemocracy groups for every country in the world

We've created those groups as examples on how you can use Your Priorities for organizing around ideas. Countries in blue have at least one idea. Click anywhere on the map.

Featured Your Priorities group

NHS Citizen helps people identify and discuss the issues that the NHS should be talking about. Ideas that generate the most discussion and support or which have the most national significance will be brought to the Assembly meeting for further discussion with the NHS Board.

How does Your Priorities work?

People submit ideas and debate them in a simple but advanced debate system.

The best ideas with the best points for and against rise to the top.

What does Your Priorities do?

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Your Priorities can help your country / city / local community / or any online community wanting to organize with ideas and speak with one voice. Here you can quickly create your own Your Priorities group.

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Case Study - Better Reykjavik

The award winning Better Reykjavik website uses the same Open Source software that runs Your Priorities.

With record breaking participation the website now connects the citizens of Reykjavik with their representatives which process the top ideas every month.

Everyone can view the best points for and against each idea which helps them to make up their minds on any issue.

The administration gets invaluable information about citizens opinion and priorities with minimum effort.

Case Study - EVE Online | True Stories

We used Your Priorities to create a customized solution for the EVE Online True Stories website for CCP Games.

To find the best stories from the first decade of the EVE Universe - directly from the players.

The community then voted for the stories - resulting in a list of the best stories that happened over the past 10 years.

Those true stories will inspire books - comics - TV series and films set in the EVE Universe.

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About us

The Your Priorities software running this website is Open Source and the product of the nonprofit Citizens Foundation which has been working on the software since 2008. You can at any time switch over to running your own Your Priorities for free using the Open Source software. Citizens Foundation has offices in London and Reykjavík.