No More Regime Change Operations

No More Regime Change Operations

The US Government must respect the sovereignty & autonomy of foreign governments. While we should applaud governments that seek full & direct democracy we must also congratulate governments that promote human rights. The US itself has a long way to go in ensuring its citizens have access to all levers of power & every citizen has what they need to survive, live & thrive in our country. To that end we have no right through intelligence, war or propaganda operations to force regime change.


To be true anti-imperialist we should not unilaterally other & slander foreign nations. We have learned from the Vietnam War, Korean War, Spanish-American War, Soviet-Afghan War, US-Afghan War, Iraq War, Desert Storm, bombings of Yugoslavia and Libya, etc., that is the same kind of premise the warhawks use to sell a war, or at least sell enough apathy for people to not care to oppose such a war. The campaign sees such rhetoric as harmful to international peace and goodwill.

We do not see the benefit of smearing leaders or prominent figures or foreign organizations that are enemies of the United States, especially without conclusive evidence, as these US (& allied) propaganda campaigns are complex and are sometimes well-hidden to even a decently trained eye, with many fake online accounts made & entire fabricated stories justifying regime change following them. We remain extremely skeptical about this negative information and the actors spreading them.

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